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In Copper Center, I’d recommend making a stop at the Copper Center Visitor Center to learn what activities and trails to hike in Wrangell St. Elias National Park. People could just look at us and tell we were different; we were from California. Valdez is a small port on a fjord in Prince William Sound that’s most well known as the terminus of the Alaska Pipeline. They have a fantastic outdoor patio as well, but be warned! Some posts on the Adventures of Nicole contain affiliate links to various products & services, meaning I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you, if you click or book via some of these links. We have driven on the roads of Alaska for two and a half weeks and traversed over 5,000 miles. Also, don’t forget to consider travel insurance before you go, check out the cheapest backpacker travel insurance in this helpful article. Note that a 2-way ticket for the Whittier tunnel is $22 per car. Close, Amber can usually be found on top of the nearest 14,000 peak mountain. In southeast Alaska, “road trip” is a misnomer; to really get around here, you have to embrace water travel. That means ferries, fishing vessels, and float planes. The afternoon we drove into Talkeetna the first thing we saw was a dude riding an ATV with a Labrador pup riding on the back. For many travelers that aren’t on a high budget, an Alaska road trip is the best way to see the 49th state without forking over your life savings. Anchorage also has a small handful of budget accommodations and hostels for those on a tight budget. This is one of the reasons that a day fishing for Alaskan salmon is a must do Alaskan adventure. The Fairbanks Travel Guide, Billie’s Backpacker Hostel| |, Pike’s Waterfront Lodge| | |. Check out the 16 Best Day Hikes Near Anchorage. Moose, glaciers, grizzly bears, bald eagles, mosquitoes as big as bald eagles… Alaska has it all to offer and the sun never sets on adventures here in the land of the midnight sun! Visitar Alaska en invierno es una oportunidad mágica ideal para los viajeros que desean evitar las multitudes del verano. Want to learn how to travel the world on $10 a day? More than once we were enjoying our pizza on the outside patio and a crazy hail storm blew in sending us grabbing pizza and beer and running indoors (With everyone else in the crowded restaurant). With a little careful planning it’s easy to have a budget friendly Alaska road trip. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. People will explore this however they want, some people will buy themselves a campervan (and will also make sure that they have the right insurance for it – like the insurance found at Staveley Head Insurance), whilst others might prefer to figure out there own way around Alaska. The campsites at Sanctuary River or Wonder Lake are just so gorgeous. Our Alaska road trip itineraries are going to assume that you will begin your journey in the continental United States (Lower 48) in the northwestern half of the country (Montana, Idaho, Washington areas). Eklutna is one of the oldest inhabited parts of the Anchorage area, estimated at 800 years old. For those not as adventurous it’s easy enough to stop at viewpoints along the Glenn Highway for views of the glacier, but if you’re wanting to get out on the ice drive into Matanuska Glacier Park where you can pay the $30 per person access fee and continue to drive to the toe of the glacier. You can also subscribe without commenting. … If you’re planning to visit in the summer months, June, July, and August, I highly recommend making arrangements and booking accommodations and/or campsites well in advance as things do fill up quickly and accommodations in your budget range may sell out long before your arrival. I have a thing for little-visited parts of the world, breakaway regions, and remote places. If you are truly a fan of a different kind of vacation a summertime Alaska road trip adventure full of Grizzly bears and moose (from a distance) and hopefully a Chinook salmon or two is a must do on your bucket list. We have enjoyed every one of Alaska's amazing destinations.This site is a brief report of our trip. If you are less experienced and do decide to do some fishing, be prepared by checking out a fishing guide before setting out! As we stood on the streets of Anchorage picking up our Ford Escort rental car for our two week Alaska road trip we had no idea what these two weeks in Alaska had to offer. What is the Haul Road, you may ask? When we departed the Alaska Air Jet in 2002 I was dressed in boot cut jeans and a plain blue t-shirt, and I was wearing flip flops. People stopped and starred at me on the streets. Afterward, drive through the Atigun Pass, the highest highway pass in Alaska, with an elevation of 4,739 feet, and continue traveling along the foothills of Brooks Range, frozen tundra, and Ivishak River. (Which is no way to pick up hot Alaskan chicks) Pre-ordering these products ahead of time is smart as I mentioned just buying the simplest things in Alaska gets very expensive! things in Alaska leads to the best vacation memories. Alaska is an amazing destination for a Road trip. Although we used to backpack/tent camp every summer, two years ago we purchased a 20 foot camper van (sprinter) that we will call home for most of our trip. We were not wearing sweat pants and hiking boots. Hi there you all! This is a tundra trail that follows the river. I recommend buying Deet for hiking in Alaska, the higher percentage of Deet the better. you know, transparency), but you’ll pass through here if you’re planning to explore between Fairbanks and Valdez or even Anchorage via the Richardson Highway. Just a few hours off the plane in Alaska, it was my first big ass Alaskan animal experience and I was hooked! Updated April 2020, The Ultimate Alaska Road Trip Itinerary was originally written in January 2020. For a total of four friends and a butt load of camping supplies I recommended going with at least a small SUV. (And there were no mosquitoes on top of the glacier… Yea!). But the train is very expensive, and it would be difficult to get around without a car after you arrive at each destination. La respuesta es clara, un road trip por Alaska se hace en verano. Below is the link to my other road trip video. That’s a lot of words. Use code ‘ADVENTURESOFNICOLE’ for 20% off at checkout, Login Logout Entries Feed Privacy Policy & Disclaimer. I admit now looking back that perhaps throwing four good friends and two weeks’ worth of camping supplies into a compact Ford Focus might have been a strain on our friendship and we did more than a little bit of getting on each others nerves (And that was before we dropped the video camera into the river. Spoiler alert! Home » North America » A Wallet Friendly Guide to an Epic Alaska Road Trip. At the time I went to Alaska I was twenty two years old and none of my friends had travelled at all. What a fantastic introduction to one of America’s greatest small towns! Check out my Seward Travel Guide for everything you need to know, Nauti Otter Inn & Yurt Village| | |, Harbor 360 Hotel| | |, Seward Windsong Lodge| | |, Orca Island Cabins| |Located on a private island in Humpy Cove, Resurrection Bay. The National Forest Service run. It’s an exciting and fearsome place to vacation! It’s one of those things you can only see in Alaska (Or Mississippi) This race starts in Fairbanks and follows the Chena, Tanana and Yukon Rivers before finally ending in Galena, Alaska. and a spare tire or two because flats are the norm (happened to a friend just this past summer). (Although the mosquitoes were so terrible at Wonder Lake, the running joke was I “wonder” why anyone would camp here? Embark on a backcountry hiking trip through the Gates of the Arctic National Park. For an easy hike I recommend the Savage River Loop Trail. An adventure filled Alaskan road trip with a side of camping and fishing for massive Alaskan salmon takes you back to a simpler time and place before iPhones, Snapchat and Instagram. Alaska’s golden heart city, with plenty of things to do whether you’re visiting under the midnight sun of midsummer, or you’re braving the cold in the dead of winter. Finally back to Anchorage to wrap up your Alaska road trip! Looking for more info on Byron Glacier? If you’re not up for reading over 6,000 words about this road trip through Canada and Alaska, I get it. If you plan to hike at all I recommend buying bear mace to have on the trail with you just in case. Imagine the most gorgeous pink and purple sunset that lasts for three hours. These are two experiences you really must have to get the true Alaska vacation vibe. Check out this post to see a list of cheap accommodations. My wife and I take an annual trip in the fall to try to chase the last bit of Summer from Alaska. To a lot of people June 21st is just another sweaty day in the beginning of summer. (And they have awesome Alaska souvenirs too), Definitely take a break from the great Alaska road trip to detour to Talkeetna! Check out the hit the highlights road trip: Anchorage to Fairbanks. I’ve always been a camper but never truly appreciated camping until I went to Alaska. If you really don’t want to be covered in bug bites just get used to smelling like Deet all the time like everyone else in Alaska. Four days of camping in Denali National Park was truly a life changing camping opportunity. Buy it. Most rental companies will not allow their vehicles to go on gravel roads or charge an extra fee of $500 or more. Don’t miss Portage & Byron Glaciers that sit very close to the opening of the Anchorage side of the Whittier Tunnel. If you do go the freeze dried camp food route check out Your email address will not be published. Our road trip mascot a known as “maxi-moose” – I wish I could say I came up with that name, but I didn’t! It wasn’t entirely because I was with my best friends on earth. Every day we were in the Talkeetna area in late June there were insane thunder, rain and hail storms in the afternoon! If you research the Midnight Sun Festival online under festivities they list forty bands playing until midnight, gold panning, BBQ tasting and they list break dancing twice. You’ll also notice I have broken the Alaska road trip itinerary into 3 one-week legs (4, if you include the Dalton Highway). The city of Seward isn’t very large, but depending on your interests some may need a few days to tick off all the things on their to-do list. That is how you know this is going to be a one of a kind vacation experience. Narrative Road Trips Alaska, United States. Learn more to plan your visit here, Wanna break from driving? You cannot actually drive in Denali National Park unless you have a disabled parking pass. It depends on where you’re starting your day from, as Alaska is so huge that a day trip from Anchorage may be a weekend trip from Fairbanks. In Seldovia, you can try the Sea Parrot Inn, or click here for more info on camping in Seldovia ($10/night for tents and $15/night for RVs). Kenai Airport Hotel| | |, King’s Haven Lodge| | |, Southern Bluff B&B| | |, Read more details on my One Week Kenai Peninsula Road Trip itinerary. El viaje es mítico por su belleza. I’ve talked to a lot of people in my life who tell me they have been to Alaska. That road however, the Denali Park Road, is stunningly beautiful, and made the list above. How Much Does It Cost To Travel In Alaska? One thing about Alaska though, if you hike you need to cover up one hundred percent. Alaska 1 (Seward Highway) > Alaska 9 (Seward Highway) > Kenai Fjords. This is a steep trail that gives you a great view of the Nenana River down below as well as the Alaskan Range. There are a few essentials you need for a week to a few weeks out in the Alaskan wilderness. Begin a journey to Alaska on the Alaska Highway, sometimes known as the Al-Can. Alaska was actually a Russian Colony until as late as 1867 when the U.S. purchased it for just over seven million dollars (I guess this explains the joke that Sarah Palin can see Russia from her house) Alaska is one of the only places in the United States that you really do hear native languages still spoken like Aleut and the Inuit languages. As soon as you depart your flight at Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport you can see that Alaska is just so vastly different and amazing from the lower forty eight. Matanuska Glacier is one of Alaska’s easiest to visit glaciers. The bus system is awesome when planning out hikes throughout your stay. Being constantly scared of Grizzly bears was part of our camping experience in Denali National Park. Renting fishing gear and exploring a glacier are memories worth a few extra pennies. It was because Alaska was other worldly in its beauty. By your third day in Alaska you feel like your sleep pattern is majorly jacked up, and yet every day you keep marvelling at the wilderness beauty that just won’t quit. For those of you that are only in Alaska for a week, you may be bidding your goodbyes here, but if you’re continuing for two weeks or more, use this time to re-stock up before hitting the road to the north toward Denali and Fairbanks. Stock the cooler for the dining options between here and Talkeetna are pretty bleak. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. If you really want to go deep into the Alaskan wilderness do the research on wilderness survival before hand.

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